Monday, November 30, 2015

A reminder for all dancers and volunteers

We are excited to be moving the production from the studio to the stage. The following is a list of important things to remember. Please review this with your dancer(s). Even seasoned dancers need to be reminded of proper etiquette. Thank you!

- We are guests at Elk Ridge Middle School. Please show respect to the school property and staff. Each room we use should be left as if we were never there.

- DO NOT draw on the chalkboards or move any furniture. Student desks may be moved by the parent volunteers but MUST be put back in their proper places at the end of each night. Teacher desks, and anything on them, should NOT be touched at all.

- DO NOT leave trash or litter of any kind anywhere! This includes bobby pins and safety pins. All garbage cans should be emptied each night. DO NOT leave a trash bin full of tissues and make up remover wipes.

- Ultimately, please just be considerate. You wouldn't want anyone to trash your bedroom so please don't trash the teachers' classrooms or the auditorium. Leave everything how you found it ... or better.

- Please also respect your costumes and props. Fines will be imposed for cleaning or replacement costs.  **Tip: apply lipstick AFTER putting your costume on and take lipstick off BEFORE removing your costume to prevent smearing it on your costume.

- DO NOT walk around in your nude leotard and tights. This is simply inappropriate! Outside of the dressing room dancers need to be in either a costume preparing to perform or street clothes after dancing.

- Costumes should not be worn outside of the dressing room or staging areas. Please do not wander around in them or wear them in the auditorium seating areas or lobby. Once you are done performing take your costume off, hang it neatly in it's bag and check it back in.

Other important information:

-Dancers will each receive 2 complimentary tickets at the conclusion of tech rehearsal. These may be obtained from Paige in the backstage area and must be signed for.

-A photographer has been hired to take pictures during dress rehearsal, the matinee performance and the saturday evenings performance. There will be no other photography allowed. Select photos will be posted on the blog approximately one week after the show (each number will be represented). A complete disc of all the photos will also be available for purchase by South Pointe Ballet dancers only ($5). This option helps us protect your privacy by allowing you to decide how to appropriately share pictures with your family and friends instead of making them openly public.

-DVD order forms will be available at the performance. This videography service is contracted through South Pointe but is seperate from the ballet company. No other video may be taken during performances (including dress rehearsal). All payments and orders will be handled by the videographer. Please refer to the order form for questions regarding payment for the DVDs.

Cast Party

-We have had parents voice concerns over the issue of a cast party. We realize that holding it after the closing night performance (and set strike-down) makes for a very late evening. Not many locales are open that late and it also limits the number of cast members that can attend, especially our younger dancers. However, some prefer it to be done that same evening because there is a already a celebratory mood after accomplishing such a tremendous production.
So, we need some feedback. When dancers sign for their complementary tickets we would like them to select an option below that will help us, as a committee, decide what best fits our casts need/desire for celebration.
Option 1: Closing night
          This cast party would likely be held at the Village Inn on Redwood Rd and 9000 S as it is the closest location that will still be open at 10:00pm (which is when we plan to have everything loaded and ready to leave the school). Everyone is free to order/pay for themselves. You are welcome to come and not eat as well, if that is your choice.

Option 2: The Saturday following Nutcracker (Dec, 12th) - Restaurant
          This cast party could be held during the day to free up your evening for family parties or during the evening to give you time for holiday to-dos during the day (please have your dancer specify day or night if selecting this option). If held at a restaurant we could request a banquet room. Again, it is a pay-your-way meal but we would have photos to display and more time for socializing.

Option 3: The Saturday following Nutcracker (Dec, 12th) - Activity Center
          This cast party could also be held during the day or evening (please have your dancer specify day or night if selecting this option). We could possibly reserve a bowling alley, skating rink or bounce-house type facility. However, this option would require parents to reserve a spot and pay in advance. The cost could range from $5-$12 dollars depending on the facility chosen. Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for all your hard work, everyone! This is going to be a great production! Please direct any questions to production manager, Paige Miller at or (801)577-1564

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Alright everyone, it's here! It's finally here!
Let's rev up our engines for an intense, but fun, week of Nutcracker mayhem :) Please remember, all of our remaining rehearsals are being held at Elk Ridge Elementary. No more studio. The school is on the southwest corner of the intersection of Bangerter Hwy & 9800 S. The entrance is on the north side of the school.

Below you will find the list of call times. Dancers-you need to arrive at your call time ready to go in tights and nude leotard with shoes ready and hair done (no ringlets on tuesday party girls - yay)
We will practice costume changes at the tech rehearsal tuesday so come prepared!! Costumes will be checked out to dancers at 6:00. Rehearsal begins at 6:30.

5:30pm - all volunteers help unload the trailer and receive instructions about your posts
6:00pm - dancers check out your costumes
6:30pm - dancers to the stage - rehearsal begins
Please plan for rehearsal to go until 10:00pm. We will dismiss groups when completed.
**Although there will be no ticket selling or ushering going on we need all volunteers to come tonight to learn your position and give you an opportunity to ask questions before we have an actual crowd.

WEDNESDAY-SATURDAY 2nd-5th (evenings)
5:45pm - volunteers check in with production manager (Paige) and then report to your area
6:00pm - dancers report to the dressing room for costume checks
6:15pm - lobby opens for ticket sales
6:30pm - auditorium opens for seating
6:45pm - Act 1 dancers report backstage
7:00pm - curtain goes up - Woohoo!
7:45pm - Act 2 dancers report backstage
9:30pm - curtain down, dancers return costumes & clean the dressing room
10:00pm - school locks up - we're out of there!

SATURDAY 5th (matinee)
12:45pm - volunteers check in with production manager (Paige) and then report to your area
1:00pm - dancers report to the dressing room for costume checks
1:15pm - lobby opens for ticket sales
1:30pm - auditorium opens for seating
1:45pm - Act 1 dancers report backstage
2:00pm - curtain goes up - Woohoo!
2:45pm - Act 2 dancers report backstage
4:30pm - curtain down, dancers (if leaving the building) return costumes - dressing room left tidy

Thanks for all the work and preparation thus far everyone. Another post will follow shortly regarding photos, DVDs and cast party information. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rehearsal schedule update

We're getting closer to show time! Here are some rehearsal updates

Friday Nov 20th is all snow dancers from 6:30-8:00
Saturday Nov 21st is a full run through. All dancers plan on being there 12:00-3:00 and we will dismiss groups as they finish.
Friday Nov 27th - no rehearsal. Recuperate from your Thanksgiving feasting :)
Saturday Nov 28th is our last full run through before we move rehearsals to the stage. Everyone needs to be to this one please!

Times for tech and dress rehearsals will be announced this saturday.

Also, a big thank you to those who participated in the Family Gift Show performance. It was great to see some of our Nutcracker numbers on stage. We hope it got you excited for our performace!

If you have any questions you may contact Paige at any time by texting or calling (801)577-1564

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Spread the Word

Our posters are ready and we can't wait to spread the word about the show!
Dancers will receive one poster each to post around town and I'll be contacting our publicity volunteer group shortly as well. Meanwhile, please feel free to share our poster digitally.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Friday Nov, 13th
6:30-7:15 = snow queen & snow cavalier
6:30-7:30 = waltz of the flowers
Saturday Nov, 14th
12:00-2:00 = Act 1
12:45-3:00 = Act 2

Friday Nov, 20th
6:30-8:30 = TBA

Saturday Nov, 21st
12:00-3:00 = Full run through
   (dancers need to be there for the full time as we will rehearse individual numbers in vacant rooms)

*all understudies/subs must also attend rehearsals for their roles