Tuesday, February 23, 2016


It's finally here! Please find the March rehearsal schedule below. There have been changes to March 5th due to studio rehearsals for competition teams so please read the schedule carefully.
Also, please remember that ALL FEES ARE DUE NOW. Last day to pay is Feb 27th.
Specific times for Picture Day will be posted and emailed 2 weeks beforehand.

Giselle Rehearsal Schedule - March 2016

Friday March 4, 2016                                                 Saturday, March 5, 2016
5:30- Giselle, Albrecht                                                1:30-4:00- Act 2 Run Through    
6:30- 8:00 Act 2 Run through                                               

Friday March 11, 2016                                               Saturday, March 12, 2016
Friday March 18, 2016                                               Saturday, March 19, 2016
5:30- Giselle, Albrecht                                                12:00-1:30- Everyone in Act 1
6:30- Myrthe, Albrecht, Hillarion                               1:30-2:00 –Willis Demi Soloists
                                                                                    2:00-3:00 Willis

Friday March 25, 2016                                               Saturday, March 26, 2016
5:30- Giselle, Albrecht                                                12:00-1:30- Act 1
6:30-8:00 Act 2                                              

Friday April 1, 2016                                                   Saturday, April 2, 2016
4:30-7:00 PICTURES                                                12:00-2:00 Act 1 run through
5:30 Giselle, Albrecht                                                 2:00-3:30  Act 2 run through    
6:30 TBA                                                                  

Friday April 8, 2016                                                   Saturday April 9, 2016

Parent Meeting notes

Anyone who may have missed the parent meeting, please find the notes below. If you still need to sign up for your volunteer position Paige will be available at saturday rehearsals and you can sign up there. Thank you

Dear Giselle Parents and dancers,
Welcome to another production from South Pointe Ballet. Please keep this as a reference sheet and if you have any questions or concerns at any time please contact production manager, Paige Miller at (801)577-1564 (talk/text) or southpointeballet@gmail.com.

Production staff and support staff:
Angela Curtis is the Artistic Director. She is in charge of what happens on the stage. She, along with her choreography staff, will instruct the dancers and cast roles that best fit the needs of the production.
Paige Miller is the production Manager. It is her job to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. She coordinates the day-to-day business needs of South Pointe Ballet and will head-up all volunteer committees. It is her job to take the busy-work off of Angela’s plate so she can concentrate on delivering a professional ballet. If you have concerns, questions or need information please contact Paige first!
Jennifer Anderson is the Treasurer. It is her job to collect all fees from participants and keep the production on budget. She will handle all finances for South Pointe Ballet and serve as chairperson of the ticket sales volunteer group.
Sandi Rogers is our costume director. She will serve as chairperson of the costume management and dressing room committees and will work closely with seamstress volunteers to ensure all the director’s costuming needs are fulfilled.
Sacha Cook is our scenery director. She will serve as chairperson of the set design/construction and backstage volunteer committees. She will need a lot of help with this undertaking. We will need several trees for our forest scene and anyone that is willing to donate artificial plants of their own can contact Sacha directly. If there are any fathers, uncles or adult brothers of cast members that can assist with heavy lifting their help is greatly appreciated too.

Volunteer Opportunities:
As stated on the registration form we are requiring all parents to fulfill 4 hours minimum of volunteer work on this production. You play a very important role in helping things run smoothly, on time and on budget. Thank you in advance for being an active part of your child’s performing experience. Volunteer sign-up sheets are available now. Please sign up tonight and look for an email later this week detailing our remaining needs. Thank you. This show will be a great success if we pull together to show our kids our support by helping out.

Important Dates:
Picture Day is mandatory. Purchasing pictures is optional. Even if you choose not to purchase photos ALL DANCERS must be to the photo shoot. These will be the photos for the program and may be used for other publicity purposes (blog and future advertisements) so we want all our dancers to be a part of it. Pictures are scheduled for Friday, April 1st. Group times will be sent 2 weeks prior but our session will begin at 4:00 and will wrap up by 7:00pm so clear your calendar now. We realize this will overlap classes slightly but each group session will be quite short. Photo order forms will also be available 2 weeks prior to the photo session.
Every rehearsal counts! Dancers are strongly encouraged to give 100% attendance but we realize this is not always possible. Dancers are allowed only 3 absences. Please notify the production manager in advance of any absences you are aware of. There are however, mandatory dates that may not be missed. April 27-30 are mandatory!!! April 27th is a possible dress rehearsal, April 28th is tech rehearsal and April 29th and 30th are performances. This is the week we have been working for all season so please DO NOT miss these dates. Dancers will be required to be at the performance venue (Copper Mountain Middle School) by 6:00pm and must be ready to dance. Please leave yourself plenty of time to park, come into the building and get situated in the dressing room before cast meeting at 6:00. Again, only 3 rehearsals may be missed. Any dancers missing more than that will be removed from the production (fees are non-refundable).

TBA Rehearsals:
There are some dates on the rehearsal schedule listed as TBA. These are dates the director has set aside for cleaning and perfecting dance numbers. Please keep these dates open as the groups needing to attend will be chosen on a need-to-see basis. There will not be rehearsals held on March 11 & 12, April 8 & 9, or May 6 & 7th due to many dancers participating in competitions with C&C.
Rehearsal Group Clarifications:
Act 1 = Peasants and leads except Myrtha
Act 2 = Wilis, Myrtha, Giselle, Albrecht & Hilarion

Fees Due ASAP:
The $65 rental/performance fee is DUE NOW! Please make checks payable to South Pointe Ballet. It takes a lot of funding to put on a ballet at this level. As a company we have deposit deadlines to meet to secure the theater, costumes, scenery and publicity to fund as well. The absolute last day payment will be accepted is Feb 27th. Dancers who have not paid by this date will not be allowed to perform. We are requiring each dancer to display at least one production poster in a public area to assist in advertising the show (library, rec center, grocery store, school, etc.)

Each dancer will receive 2 complimentary tickets to the production. These are to be used at your discretion for any one performance. You may use them yourself or give them to family or friends. These will be given out at dress rehearsal and are the only free tickets the dancers will receive. If parents want to watch more than one performance they will need to purchase additional tickets.
Group tickets will be sold at a discounted rate for the matinee only. If you know of a church group or special interest group that would like to attend our matinee, their tickets can be purchased for $3 per person (minimum of 15 people).

Cast Party:
After putting in so much effort and work into the production we should definitely celebrate after closing night. We’d like to get your opinion on what kind of cast party you would be interested in having. In the past the cast and their parents have been invited to gather at a local restaurant and pay their own bills allowing everyone to decide on their own whether to participate/eat. Another option we’d like to suggest this year is to possibly gather somewhere and have an actual buffet set up for the cast and parents to enjoy. This, of course, would incur some cost and so food tickets would be offered for a small fee that would need to be paid in advance but would be optional. Or a potluck-style dessert buffet would be another option that would not require addition fees.
You may voice your opinion on a party option by emailing southpointeballet@gmail.com with “cast party” in the subject line. Thank you for your input. We want to make this a fun and memorable experience for everyone.

Thank you again for all of your support. We are excited to produce a new ballet this year. With your help it will be an event to remember!

Please contact Paige Miller with any questions, concerns or suggestions (801)577-1564 or email southpointeballet@gmail.com (put “Giselle” in the subject line). Texting is best as I can usually reply to you more rapidly. If I do not have an answer for you immediately please know I will do my best to get information to you as quickly as possible. Thanks.

Monday, February 1, 2016

February Rehearsal Schedule

We are ready to jump right in and get to work! Here is the rehearsal schedule for the month of February 2016. March and April schedules are under construction and will be posted next week.
Please do not forget about the mandatory parent meeting this friday, Feb 5th at 6:30pm at C&C.
Please contact Paige Miller with any questions or concerns (801)577-1564 or dancerpaigem@hotmail.com. Thank you.

Giselle Rehearsal Schedule

Friday February 5, 2016                                             Saturday, February 6, 2016
5:30- Giselle Albrecht                                                 12:00-1:00- Peasants group 1
6:30- Myrthe                                                               12:30-1:30- Peasants group 2
                                                                                    1:00-2:30 Willis

Friday February 12, 2016                                           Saturday, February 13, 2016
5:30- Giselle Albrecht                                                 12:00-1:00- Peasants group 1
6:30- Myrthe                                                               1:00-2:00- Peasants group 2
7:00-8:00 Willis                                  

Friday February 19, 2016                                           Saturday, February 20, 2016
5:30- Giselle Albrecht                                                 12:00-1:00- Peasants group 1
6:30- Myrthe                                                               12:30-1:30- Peasants group 2
                                                                                    1:00-2:30 Willis

Friday February 26, 2016                                           Saturday, February 27, 2016
5:30- Giselle Albrecht                                                 12:00-1:00- Peasants group 1
6:30- Myrthe                                                               12:30-1:30- Peasants group 2
                                                                                    1:00-2:30 Willis

Friday March 4, 2016                                                 Saturday, March 5, 2016
6:30-8:00 Act 2 run through                                       12:00-2:00 Act 1 run through
                                                                                    2:00-3:00  TBA