Monday, April 25, 2016


A big thank you to all the parents that have already volunteered to fill assignments. A reminder to those who have not yet signed up to help during the show, we still need you!! Below, please find the positions we still need filled and call/text or email Paige ASAP with what you can do (please be willing to take more than one position when possible). Any assignments not filled by the end of the day Monday (April 25th) will be assigned to those who have not yet signed up voluntarily.  To keep our production costs at a minimum (and therefore save our dancers and their parents money) we require parents to volunteer a minimum of four hours per dancer during the run of the show. This was detailed in the registration contract. Dancers that do not provide an adult volunteer will not receive their complimentary tickets to the show.
Again, a HUGE thanks to all those who have signed up and also those who have been volunteering their time with show preparations (costumes, scenery, fundraising, etc.). We appreciate your support and couldn't do this without all of our fabulous parents!


Friday 29th
Backstage - 1 person
Concessions - 2 people
Ticket Table - 1 person

Saturday Matinee 30th
Backstage - 2 people
Concessions - 1 person

Saturday Evening 30th
Backstage - 2 people
Concessions - 2 people
Usher - 1 person

Contact Paige ASAP. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Dear dancers and parents,
Over two weeks ago dancers were instructed to each take two posters and hang them in public places to promote Giselle and report where their posters were placed. I have only had a few dancers report where their posters are located. I, myself, have been canvassing and putting up posters and am surprised that even businesses within walking distance of the studio did not have a poster. I want to remind everyone that putting up posters to promote the show is part of your contract. Ticket sales are the life blood of our company. It is what provides us with the funding for costumes, scenery and staging for our productions. We want as many people as possible to come see Giselle. We can't sell tickets to the general public if they don't know about the show. With such a small cast for this production we cannot rely on the ticket sales from friends and family alone. Word needs to be spread further than that and advertising in public spaces will help do that. Therefore we are requiring all cast members to take another two poster to hang (for a total of 4 per dancer). All 4 poster locations need to be reported to Paige by Monday, April 25th. We do not want to have to fine dancers for not fulfilling this portion of their contract but there is the possibility of incurring a fine to cover the printing cost for posters that are not distributed.

Many places have community boards that support local events, such as: grocery stores, rec centers, fitness centers, libraries, community centers, college campuses (multiple buildings) and of course we want them posted in schools so your peers will come support you! If you take a poster to school please be sure to get approval from administrators before hanging it up. We want to maintain a good working relationship with the schools and being respectful of their regulations is one way of doing that. At school you may want to ask to place a poster in or by the: front entrance, library, cafeteria, computer lab, dance room, gym, locker rooms, orchestra, choir or drama rooms.

When approaching businesses/schools, please make sure they know we are a non-profit organization. Here is an example of what you could say:
     "Hello. I am here representing South Pointe Ballet. We are a city sponsored non-profit organization that provides performance opportunities for our local youth. We have an upcoming production we would like to promote at this location. Is there a community board or somewhere in the store we could hang a poster for the next two weeks, please?"
We hope everyone will take pride and ownership of their participation in this ballet. It takes a group effort to ensure the success of our productions and we look forward to filling the auditorium with supportive audiences. Thank you to those of you who have hung your posters. Please reply to this email with your poster locations ASAP!

PS: Cast members have been emailed a PDF version of the poster to share through social media. Here is a JPEG you can copy & paste as well. Please remember this does not replace your poster requirement but will greatly supplement our advertising efforts.  Thank you so much

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Our production is just weeks away so all remaining rehearsals are mandatory. We will be running two rooms so dancers will be busy the entire rehearsal time. Please bring plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy snacks for fuel.
Please be aware that the schedule may incur slight changes but ALL dancers are required to attend the following times:

Friday 15th    
6:30-8:00pm   Rehearsal @ C&C studio

Saturday 16th   
10:00-11:30am   Photos @ Edge Photography
12:00-5:00pm   Rehearsal @ C&C studio

Friday 22nd
6:30-8:00pm   Rehearsal @ C&C studio

Saturday 23rd
12:00-5:00pm   Rehearsal @ C&C studio

Thursday 28th
5:30-9:30pm   Dress rehearsal @ Copper Mountain Middle School

Friday 29th
5:30pm   Call time @ Copper Mountain Middle School (dancers & volunteers)
6:00pm   Lobby doors open
6:30pm   Auditorium doors open
7:00pm   Curtain up

Saturday 30th
12:30pm   Call time @ Copper Mountain Middle School (dancers & volunteers)
1:00pm   Lobby doors open
1:30pm   Auditorium doors open
2:00pm   Curtain up
5:30pm   Call time @ Copper Mountain Middle School (dancers & volunteers)
6:00pm   Lobby doors open
6:30pm   Auditorium doors open
7:00pm   Curtain up
   ***Cast will be dismissed AFTER everything is loaded and cleaned following performance
                 Cast party location to be announced at dress rehearsal 

Contact Paige with any questions (801)577-1564
Thank you. See you all this weekend.