Sunday, November 24, 2019

Post Production Wrap Up

Thank you to every single one of you, both dancers and parents, for making this production such a grand success. The dancers all looked fantastic and the parents kept everything running so smoothly behind the scenes. Thank you, thank you!

A few items of business as we wrap everything up:

*There was a Christmas tree left behind after the show. If it is yours please contact Paige to coordinate a pick up/drop off. (801)577-1564

*There was a pair of glasses and some blue socks left in the dressing room. You can retrieve these items at the C&C Ballet studio.

*We have extra programs left over. If you would like one to keep as a memento they will be available in the lobby at C&C Ballet until we break for the Christmas holiday. If you prefer to have one mailed to you, please let Paige know.

*If you still want to order pictures from our photo shoot there is an order form below. Please contact Tonia Jacobs at Edge of Expression Photography by Friday to arrange placing your order.

*If you took any photos and would like to share, you may email them to us at and we will post them on our blog to share with the other cast members. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

Thank you again for putting on a spectacular performance! We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication and we hope to see you all in a future production.

Yours in dance, 
South Pointe Ballet 
Board of Directors

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Trees needed for scenery

Dear cast parents,
We are in need of several artificial trees for our forest scenery. If you have one we could use please notify Paige ASAP (801)577-1564 and bring it to dress rehearsal Thursday (Nov 21st). If you need help transporting it let Paige know when you contact her. Please remember to label your tree so we can get it back to you after the show. All sizes and types are needed. Thank you for your help.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Important documents being emailed to cast today

No rehearsal Saturday, Nov 16th. The choreography is looking good but please remember to keep practicing on your own. 
There are many important documents you will receive by email. Please make sure you check them all. 

First: Production week schedule. You are being sent a PDF that will tell you when to be where and what to be prepared to do. It will also be listed here as another blog post. There was some confusion earlier, but yes, there is rehearsal at the school on Wednesday. Volunteers with a Wednesday assignment please arrive at 5:00. Dancers need to check in by 6:30.

Second: Thanks to those who hung posters. Lets spread the word via social media as well. There is a PDF and JPEG attachment of the poster you can use to put on social media. It will also be posted as an event on the C&C Ballet facebook page for you to share and invite others to join. A picture is below for you to copy & paste as well.

Third: Help us advertise the show by word of mouth and by passing out fliers to friends, neighbors, classmates and co-workers. Below is a flier you can print and distribute. They are small quarter-page ads so they'll be easy to share.

Lastly: If you still have not signed up for a volunteer position please do so on this google doc. I have corrected the settings and you should be able to edit now.

As always, please direct questions to Paige at (801)577-1564 or

Thank you so much. See you all next week.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Costume Checklist for photo shoot Nov 9th

Below is a costume checklist for Sleeping Beauty photo day. Items with an * are provided by South Pointe Ballet and must be checked out before your pictures and checked back in afterwards. All other items will be provided by the dancer. Photo examples of hair and make up are below the checklist, please read post to the end.
PHOTO SHOOT is Sat, Nov 9th 12:00-2:00pm. Meet at the C&C Ballet studio in the green room. Dancers will check out their costumes and get dressed. When their group is called they will be escorted to Edge of Expression photo studio across the parking lot. When their group is done they'll return to the studio, change out of their costume and check it back in. Then they may go in to rehearsal.
A polite reminder that all fees must be paid before your dancer will receive a costume or be put in photos.

As always, please contact Paige with questions: (801)577-1564

Rehearsal Reminders

Just a few notes about rehearsal. We are coming very close to performance time and still have much work to do. Dancers, please be practicing your choreography at home. Also, please understand our need to extend rehearsal time if necessary. These next few weekends will be crucial to the show’s success. The directors may choose to keep dancers  longer than regularly scheduled if they need to work on their pieces. Thank you for understanding. We want the kids to be confident in their performance and extra rehearsal time will give them more preparation.

 Please remember next weekend, November 9, is our mandatory photo shoot. All dancers will be expected to come to photos and stay for rehearsal. It will be a long afternoon, 12 to 5, possibly longer. Please come well-prepared and give your best effort during rehearsal. We are hoping to end at 5:00 but may need to extend depending on how polished everything is looking. Rehearsal on the 15th may also be extended until 9:00 as it is our last practice at the studio before meeting the following week at the school. 
There is no rehearsal currently scheduled on November 16. The directors may however call an extra rehearsal that evening from 5-8 if they see more work is needed after Friday’s rehearsal. Please keep the 16th open on your calendar. Again, thank you for understanding that we do this to help your dancer feel prepared to give their best performance. 

Thank you for being part of Sleeping Beauty. We are so excited to see your dancers give their all on stage!

Watch for an email with details about performance week and costume checklists for photo day. As always, please reach out to Paige with questions or concerns. (801)577-1564

Friday, Nov 8th
6:00-8:00   Act 3  (possibly going until 9:00 - please plan accordingly)

Saturday, Nov 9th
12:00-2:00   PHOTO SHOOT 
2:00-5:00 (possibly later)   Full show run through
**all dancers required to attend the full time**