Saturday, October 28, 2017

Rehearsal Updates

Hello everyone,
Thank you to everyone who made it to the photo session today. Everyone looked great. I feel the need to remind everyone that we all need to make every effort to attend the rest of our rehearsals. We are nearing our performance rapidly and every dancer is crucial to the production's success. When even just a few dancers are missing it makes a huge difference to formation movement and choreography. Also, it is imperative that all dancers be practicing at home! We do not have the leisure of taking time out of our scheduled rehearsals to re-teach at this point. If you need extra help we are happy to meet with you outside of rehearsal or send you video clips to study at home. We want everyone to feel well prepared but it is definitely a team effort and takes the whole cast being well practiced and on time attending every rehearsal for that to happen.
Thank you for understanding the seriousness your attendance has on the success of the production.
That being said, below is the schedule for this week. Next weeks schedule will be emailed on Monday and also posted here on the blog.
As always, Paige is happy to field your calls/texts with questions and concerns at any time (801)577-1564. If you have previously arranged absences please remind Paige via text the Monday before your absence to avoid confusion. Thank you for making every effort to attend each remaining rehearsal. See you this weekend.

Friday, Nov 3rd
6:30-8:00pm     Waltz, Snow, Chinese, Clara, Nutcracker Prince
Saturday, Nov 4th
12:00-3:00pm     ENTIRE CAST - Including Party Parents

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